Parent Mentor Meet (PMM) is a great opportunity to discuss the child’s progress, share his strengths and needs. This is a standard part of the school’s efforts to build a strong partnership between parents and teachers.


Teachers and parents can use these moments to establish a rapport and develop a common goal that focuses on helping their young ones to have the best and enhanced learning experience.
Digamber School had its second meet for the session 2019-20, which was held on 21st September. It focused on the evaluation results of the learners in Evaluation-I. The parents were welcomed by the respective teachers wholeheartedly. The floor area was beautifully decorated by the snaps of different functions held at the school during Term 1. Parents were eager to see the answer sheets of their children as it enables them to know their child’s mistakes and work upon it for the next time. Both the teachers and parents discussed about the strengths of the children and measures to overcome the weaknesses.
Parents also conversed about the interest areas, co-curricular activities and upcoming events in the school.


Parents were also amazed to see the creativity of their kids developed through school magazine. The handwritten magazine prepared and decorated by classes I to VIII were having a variety of articles on different concepts including friends and family, social messages, environmental awareness, current affairs etc. Thank you to all of the Parents and guardians who took extra efforts and provided us positive feedback.