Competition-Skit Competition

There can be no tree without the roots. The same role is played by parents in every child’s life. Keeping this in mind, our school celebrated Parents’ Day. The parents are those special people who possess immense patience to bring up their child in best possible ways. The introduction of the day was given by Ms. Rehana Khan in which she highlighted the unconditional love and support given by parents for their children. To honour these momentous people in our lives, an interhouse skit competition was organized. All the four houses exhibited their dramatic skills to impress the audience and reach them with their respective themes of the skits. All the four houses came up with different themes and different messages to convey.


They were judged on different criteria like content, presentation, dialogue delivery etc. Our little drama artists acted naturally, meticulously and perfectly. All participants were applauded on their mesmerizing performances. Veer Sawarkar House bagged the first prize in this competition. Honourable Chairperson congratulated the participants and motivated our learners to respect and love their parents throughout their lives.