As an organization and as individual we work and live by the motto ‘Devotion to Duty with Dignity’. We consciously inspire the same in our students and our staff, as the most fundamental condition to the privilege of being human.

Duty or Dharma implies the inherent obligation of an individual to himself, his society, country, this world of which we are global citizens and God. ‘Dharma’ is not a matter of passive feeling or mere recognition; it needs to translate into action.

In any given situation, it is our inherent obligation to offer our earnest best in fulfilling our commitment with dignity. The closest translation of Dignity being ‘Sanmaan’ in Hindi implies an inherent right to be valued and receive ethical treatment.

Dharma and Sanmaan are interwoven. Neither Duty nor Dignity is merely legal or ethical, it is legal, ethical, moral, social and all encompassing, it is something that should be vigilantly observed in any given situation or age in life. Fulfilling ones commitment at the cost of ones dignity is not acceptable nor is otherwise. Every human has the right to seek her dignity and the obligation to fulfil her duty.

Duty & Dignity has to be accepted and understood on the basis of one’s foundation of sense and knowledge. We do not here just talk about duty as a job responsibility or dignity as mere respect due to a certain age, status or position. . We talk about it in a much larger and deeper sense. It is not about doings thing right; it is about doing the right things the right way for the right reasons.

When an individual fulfils his inherent commitments with such poise, he comes closest to imbibe & represent the light of the Creator. He also lives a more fulfilling, confident and happy life.

Our logo was initially taken from the Indian representation of the International Year of the Child in 1979. Over time we reconstructed the logo, within the same theme. It depicts a little girl and a little boy breaking the barriers of mere literacy and celebrating the freedom and happiness that only true knowledge can bring.

In all simplicity, that is our primary goal through education – to enable a child irrespective of their gender, class, caste, religion or any other reasons for discrimination, to dream and build their life to fulfil those dreams in the most joyous way possible. We believe that the pure joy of learning and exploration is the only fuel tol power a progressive civilisation.