A Good Deed

Something that is done, performed or accomplished is an act. Do a good deed every day. One of the greatest things any of us can do in life is reach out and do a good deed for another human being.

Good deeds may be done by anyone in any walk of life may be by a soldier in battle field, by a woman at home, or by students at school or outside a house. Good deed may be to help a friend in need. Teach an elderly person. Obey your elders. Donate blood. Give food to a new neighbour. Give 10% of your salary to charity. Hold the door open for a stranger. Ask loved ones about their day. Praise a colleague’s good work.

Doing good deed costs nothing. It brings happiness and satisfaction in us.

Article by Mohammed Uzair, IV Mars
Art by Ritika Sharma, IV Mars

Elections in India


All adult citizens who are above of 18 years of age can participate in election process. A special body that is responsible for conducting free and fair elections throughout the country is called Election Commission of India.

The Election Commission of India issues Voter Id cards to adult citizens so that they can cast their votes. Election Commission makes elaborate arrangements for conducting nationwide elections. Electoral rolls are prepared by various government agencies which contain names and address of the voters’ area wise.

Nowadays EVMs (Electronic Voting Machines) are used for casting votes which are the quickest, easiest and safest means to vote. Use of EVM also helps in quick counting of the votes and hence, the declaration of results.

Article by Swasti Jain, IV Earth
Art by Garv Surajwani, IV Earth