A Proud Moment
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Digamber School celebrated 73rd Independence Day with melange of patriotic activities which created an atmosphere of national pride on the premises of the school campus. Our tiny tots were filled with zeal and enthusiasm to express the feelings of unity and secularism.

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Our guest of honour was Honourable Chairman Sir, Mr.Sudhakar Mendke. To commemorate the sovereignty of our nation, the National Flag was hoisted. All in unison saluted the national flag and sang the national anthem. The energy and melody of our cute pies while singing national song revealed their love for their motherland. The introduction of the day was given by respected Headmistress, Ms. Manjusha Joshi, in which she described the painful journey of India to attain freedom. She also motivated the students to play their part as a good citizen of India by keeping surroundings clean, studying well and do duties responsibly.

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The enthralling orchestra performance charged up the atmosphere. The new council members took the oath to uphold the name of institution and shoulder the responsibilities with great care.

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The program moved ahead with Hindi poem presentation “Kavya Path” that showcased the journey of India’s freedom struggle inspiring the youth to follow the footsteps of our great warriors.

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Children enthralled the audience with the well choreographed dance sequences displaying the life of a soldier expressing their love and immense sacrifice towards motherland.


Two lively patriotic songs “Bharat Humko Jaan se Pyaara Hai”, presented by vocal group and “Taaqat Watan Ki”, sung by the entire Digamber team set the tone for the programme, lightening the atmosphere. The vote of thanks was given by Ms. Jigisha. The day at school ended with sumptuous lunch with sweets. Indeed, it was a day of joy and love, showing respect and homage to our freedom fighters, making a better place for Indians to live and experience the freedom, peace and unity in diversity.