Q1 Write 5 interesting facts about your favourite animal.
Q2 Write about “My Daily Routine” in these vacations.
Q3 Write 5 new words daily and write them with their meanings.
Q4 Make any one creative item from waste material.

Q1 Do one page sulekh practice everyday.
Q2 List out Sangya and Sarvanam everyday from newspaper.
Q3 Do picture description of any picture.
Q4 Describe your favourite cartoon character.

Q.1 Collect the data from newspaper for the positive cases of Corona Virus in some
major countries: America, Italy, Spain, France, Germany for last week of April 2020 :

  1. Write the number names in Indian System of Numeration.
  2. Write the number names in International System of Numeration.
  3. Arrange them in ascending order.
    Q.2 Make a table to represent this data.
    Q.3 Draw the Bar Graph for different countries using above data.

Q1 List any five teachings of Buddha and Mahavir which you think can be significant in

today’s time.
Q2 What are some of the morals which you have learnt at home ? List at least five such
Q3 Create a “This is my India” collage using pictures,poems,phrases,words and
to bring out the essence of diversity in India.
Q4 Prepare a list of specialists and write about the kind of work they do in their area of


Q1 Learn and write any 5 sanskrit names of vegetables, fruits,stationary items,food
items,things you use at home,electrical appliances, family members,clothes and flowers.

Q1 Write about the safety measures to prevent from Corona Virus. Write about your
contribution in this difficult time.
Q2 Make drawings, posters and write messages related to ”Save Earth”.
Q3 Write difference between Epidemic and Pandemic.
Q4 Grow your own kitchen garden on terrace and share your experiences.
Perform Surya Namaskar daily and do some simple exercises to keep yourself fit.