• Write a story based on any moral value.For eg- honesty,truthfulness etc.
    *Learn 5 new words daily and frame sentences on them.
    *Make a list of Countable and Uncountable nouns from your surroundings.
    Do handwriting practice everyday.
    *Write a story based on truthfulness in hindi.
    *Read news paper daily and list out sangya, sarvanam, kriya and visheshan.
    *Apni Mata ke lie 5visheshan shabd chunkar Vakya banaiye.
    *Kisi Chitra ka varnan apne shabd me kijie.
    Do practice of sulekh lekhan everyday.

    Learn formulae :
    Perimeter of Square=4a side
    *Perimeter of rectangle =2(lengths+breadth)
    *Area of Square=side*side
    *Area of rectangle =Length*breadth
    *use the concept of symmetry and make mask of your favorite animal.