(1)Revise nouns and write 5 nouns with each alphabet.(2)Use dictionary and find meanings of 20 difficult words everyday after reading an e-news.Watch movie’Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’.


(1)Revise tables from 2-20.
(2)Write al least 10 mobile numbers and write them in words.
(3)Write population of at least 10 countries, then arrange them in ascending order and then in descending order.
(4) Practise sums of addition ,subtraction,multiplication and division everyday.


(1)Collect information from various sources about Covid-19.Write it down in given headings (i)Source of disease.(ii)Ways of transmission.(iii)Symptoms of disease.(iv)Ways to control it. (v)Threat to society.(vi)Measures taken to control it.(vii)Your contribution to keep yourself and others safe.
(2)Draw and practise diagrams of internal organs(i)Stomach(ii)Lungs (iii)Liver(iv)Heart (v)Kidneys.


(1)Write 20 Sangya shabd and write Visheshan for each of them.
(2)Revise Paryayvachi shabd from previous vyakran book.
(3)Read hindi e- news everyday.
Creativity:(1)Make at least 5 dishes using fireless cooking .Write down their recipes.Make a collage of it using any app.
(2)Make a video of your own demonstrating the steps of handwashing and explaining the ways to maintain social distancing.Share with your friends and relatives.
(3)Make a soft collage using an app on a mobile or desktop of various members 
of your family.
(4)Write your experiences on current situation during lockdown and the ways adopted by you to make your life normal or the ways by which you and your family members are helping the society.
(5)Do surya namaskar daily in morning.Learn different new asans