1. Write a moral based story on your own.
  2. Write about games that you played with your family members in these
  3. Draw a poster showing precautions from Corona Virus & ‘Janta Curfew’.
  4. Make any dish through fireless cooking method and share the recipe with
    your friends.
  5. Write your experience of the quarantine period. What you have learnt from
    your parents and grandparents.
  6. Write an e-mail to your friend and discuss about how you are spending
    your holidays.
  7. Write causes, symptoms and precaution to be taken in Covid- 19
    (coronavirus) disease.
  8. Draw a chart and show 6 steps of washing hands through drawing.
  9. Write health precautions to be taken during summer season.
    10.Write about water pollution and how can we prevent rivers from pollution.
    11.Make a family tree using your own creativity.
    12.Draw five sense organs.
    13.Draw a poster on – Water is Life.
    14.Write about how you can take care of your pets.
    15.Write two- two words using different Sanyunkt Aakshar (any 5).
  10. Write currencies of any 10 countries.
    17.Make your own timetable.
    18.Write any 5 dance forms of India.
    19.Write 20 homophones.
    20.Practice 4-Digit Number.(Expanded