😊English :1.Read a small moral story everyday from the sources available with you.(story books, e-books, other online resources)https://youtu.be/eFrPT59wcyshttps://youtu.be/NeQzY6_Eqxk
2.Make a list of naming words, pronouns, and action words you came across while reading the story everyday.https://youtu.be/gDFCCngQkPs
😊Cursive writing Practice- Write the summary and moral of the story you read in half a page daily.
😊Hindi : 1.Read any one story of Panchatantra series from the sources available with you.https://youtu.be/gu6DgzoiyK0
2.Make a list of sangya, sarvanam and kriya shabd you came across while reading the story daily.
,😊 Sulekh : Write the summary and moral of the story you read in half a page daily. 😊Math : 1.Revise number names till one thousand .2.Learn tables from 2 – 10.3. Practice 5 sums of addition and subtraction of single digit daily.4. Practice representing 3 digit numbers on abacus and writing its number name too.https://youtu.be/1ZB5g9FMMdk
Note: Kindly do the writing part of the H.W. of English, Hindi, Math in home copy in good handwriting.😊 Work to be done in a Note book –1. Write 5 ways to  keep your body clean.2. Collect information about which habits make our body strong to fight against diseases.3. Paste pictures of sense organs and write their function.4. Write an article on – Indoor activities, Doctors – Angels on Earth.😊Immediate Surrounding – Work to be done in A-4 size sheets by using picture cuttings from old books, magazines, newspapers or by drawing yourself.
1.Make  collage of the pictures of Helpers, Neighbourhood services,2.Collect the pictures of festivals and paste them. Write name of each festival under it.3 Prepare collage of sports personalities.😊Current Affairs : Write 8 to 10 sentences about “Precautions Taken By You and Your Family To Keep Yourself Safe From Corona Virus”.Collect information about the same by reading e -newspaper everyday.😊 Physical Activity : 1.Do some warmup and stretching exercises daily.https://youtu.be/X655B4ISakg2.Do these yogasans daily –Surya namaskar, Anulom vilom, Bhramari, Uttanasana.https://youtu.be/_eCHrcq5wRY