It all began when a young woman refused to accept education as a means to just ready her little one for a secure livelihood. She wanted to inspire a life paved with values necessary for a purposeful & dignified living. Her vision was fuelled by her equally extraordinarily enterprising husband and together they embarked on a formidable journey in 1978, called Digamber School. Beginnings were humble but the spirit was colossal and future was glorious! For 35 years now, Digamber School prides itself as a source of growth and inspired living for its students and staff. 

We fuel with our spirit and life force, that which threatens to go extinct in wake of uninterrupted explosion of information and consumerism, that which only a teacher can save – Virtues of Freedom, Innocence and Passion and Values of integrity, Dignity, Fairness, Commitment and Accountability.


A prolific academician, a multi-faced person and a dynamite of a woman, Sindhu Mendake is simply unstoppable. She is a simple but perceptive woman who is bursting with a vivacious charm and is completely in touch with the little child inside her. Her innovative techniques combine her years of experience in teaching and counselling, and have changed lives of thousands. Today her students in all parts of the world grace various top positions, in some of the finest organisations. They all have one thing in common…their childhoods have been nurtured with warm, affectionate care and firm sense of discipline and integrity. She enables lives with incredible creative effortlessness.


A true visionary and a highly evolved individual, Chairman Sudhakar Mendake believes that if you do not like something about the world, you change it. DIgamber School and many such successful initiatives are a testament to his efforts to bring about a change in the way education was perceived in our society. His  passion for learning inspires his team to break barriers and achieve new victories. He is the wind beneath the our wings.