Save Trees Save Earth

We all know that we need oxygen to survive. But from where this oxygen comes? And the answer is plants. Plants not only give us oxygen to breathe but also absorb carbon dioxide which could be harmful gas as it traps heat and nowadays it is causing global warming. Trees are the wealth on planet earth. Not only humans, but all life forms depend on trees. We want to save our planet and all life forms. So we need to protect our trees. “Save Trees” is the slogan to motivate people to save trees and plant more and more trees in the surrounding areas by spreading the importance of trees among people as well as reduce deforestation and cutting of trees. Trees are very much important to our lives as water and food. Life will become very difficult without trees or we can say life would be finished because trees are the most important aspect of giving us healthy and wealthy life.

Article by Aashi VermaVIII Mercury
Art by Nandini Wakode, VIII Mercury



The Lord himself cannot live on Earth. He created parents; parents are a form of god on this planet which we live in. My parents are the most important part of my life. I love them very much and my parents also love me a lot. I am always happiest when I am with my parents. My father is a businessman and he always helps the poor and needy people. My mother is a house wife. She is a good homemaker. At night, mother tells me stories. My parents help me in studies and clear my doubts. They also teach me never to lie. My parents are a gift from God to me.

Article by Krishna Agrawal, IV Venus
Art by Jashneet Kaur Hora, IV Venus

Polluted Water


Water is used for washing, cleaning, cooking etc. This makes it dirty. It contains dirt and many harmful substances mixed in it. This makes the water unfit for drinking, for plants and also for animals. Such water is called polluted water. Harmful waste materials from industries are also thrown into rivers. This also pollutes the water. Dirty or polluted water contains many harmful germs. This kind of water spread diseases like cholera, diarrhea and typhoid. Water which has germs may not always look dirty, as the germs in it are very small cannot be seen with the naked eye.Although, earth has so much of water, all of it is not fit for our use. The water from seas and oceans has many salts dissolved in it, which makes it very salty. There are two reasons why water becomes dirty and polluted-Dirt and many salts easily dissolve in water. Many germs and bacteria grow in water. So, it is our duty to conserve and protect water from becoming polluted and dirty.

Article by Vania Joshi, III Mercury
Art by Avani Upadhayay, III Mercury



Fruits are an important part of our daily diet. Fruits give us energy and also protect our body. Fruits contain vitamins, minerals and fibers. We should eat two kinds of fruits daily. There are many kinds of fruits available like mango, litchi, orange, banana etc. They all provide nutrients and are important for health. My favorite fruit is mango. It is the king of fruits. I love to eat fruits.

Article by Arnav Jain, II Earth
Art by Arnav Jain, II Earth



Peacock is one of the most beautiful bird. It is our national bird. The life of peacock is up to 10 to 25 years. The male bird is called as peacock and female bird is called as peahen. It has a colorful tail. Peacock dances in the rains.

Article by Aaradhya Shrivastav, I Venus
Art by Aaradhya Shrivastav, I Venus

My Scenery


This is beautiful scenery. The girl is enjoying rain. She is with her friend.The grasshopper is happy to see them.

Article by Yashika Gangwal, Primer II Lotus
Art by Yashika Gangwal, Primer II Lotus