Baisakhi is also known as Vaisakhi. It is a historical and religious festival in Sikhism. It is usually celebrated on 13th or 14th of April every year. Baisakhi marks the Punjabi New Year. This is the famous festival in the state of Punjab and is celebrated with huge fun and excitement.It happens on the lucky day when the tenth Guru of the Sikhs founded the Khalsa Panth cult. Baisakhi is a Sikh holy day as well as a celebration of the New Year in the Nanakshahi calendar. It is a long established harvest festival in Punjab. It had been celebrated long before it gained an added dimension for Sikhs.
Article by Nandini WakodeVIII Mercury
Art by Nandini Wakode, VIII Mercury



Nature is the most precious and valuable gift to us from God. Nature is like our mother which never harms us but always cares for us. Morning walk in the air keeps us fresh and healthy. Nature is our best friend. Our nature provides us variety of beautiful flowers, attractive birds, animals, green plants, blue sky; land etc.God has created a beautiful nature for healthy living of all of us. Nature is very colorful and has living and non- living things. Our mood also changes according to our nature as we feel happy and hopeful in summers, rainy and spring season. We feel bored and tired in high sunlight. Most of the writers and poets have described the real beauty of nature. Nature has the ability to make our mind tension free and cure diseases. If we want to save our planet we must not cut trees, stop air pollution, conserve water etc. we should love nature and try to save it.
Article by Soha Falaq Khan, IV Venus
Art by Pallavi Chandwani, IV Venus



Peacock is known for its mesmerizing beauty. This beautiful bird comes in different colors. There are mainly three species of peacock found in India and Sri Lanka. The green peacock is found in Indonesia and the Congo peacock is found in Africa.The Indian and green peacock have an elaborate crest on their head and long colorful plumage, Congo on the other hand has a less attractive crest and short tail. The Indian peacock has a blue colored body while the green peacock has a green colored body. Peacock is our National bird.
Article by Avani Upadhayay, III Mercury
Art by Vatsal Gupta, III Mercury

Ice cream


I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream. Yes, ice creams have been a favorite among people of all age groups. Ice cream is a frozen dessert made from cream and many flavors. The common flavors are vanilla, chocolate and strawberry.Many ice creams contain fruits. Besides strawberry, common fruit flavors are cherry, raspberry, blackberry and peach. Some ice creams are mixtures of two or more ice creams. Chocolate syrup is the most favorite ice cream topping.
Article by Anshi Ajit Kumar, II Venus
Art by Raajvi Pahadia, II Venus



Butterfly is an insect.It can fly with its wings.It has six legs.It sucks the juice of flowers.It is found in gardens.I love butterflies.
Article and Art by Khushi Bardia, I Mercury

My Doll


This is my doll.I play with her. I love my doll.
Article by Mishika Chawla, Primer II Rose
Art by Mishika Chawla, Primer II Rose