Primer II- Sentence Race

Games are always proven beneficial for refreshing children’s mind and transforming their dullness into activeness. The kiddies of primer 2 played a very interesting game through sentences. This was a reading game, teacher had just written few sentences on the floor ,kids were supposed to run through it while reading the sentences .This entertaining sentence race game proved ideal for practicing sentence structure, vocabulary and grammar. 

Class 1 – Smart Class – Tera Mera


To revise the concept of matra in Hindi, the students were taken to the smart class. The kids of class 1 had a good audio and visual experience. Children were shown fruits and vegetables with matra of ए like केला,सेब, करेला etc .The curious audience were quietly watching the board which was colourful and lively ,mentors also used PowerPoint presentation prepared by them, having the knowledge of child’s requirement, to align education in the unlike manner , smart class was just a great idea to explain this concept to them.

Class 2 – Speaking Activity – My Country


Speaking is generally thought to be the most important of the four skills. A speaking task was given to students to speak on “My Country” i.e India. They shared all the knowledge about India that they know .They brought many facts about India .Other students also gained knowledge through this activity .Thus speaking activities make students more active in the learning process.

Class 3 – Learning by Doing – Addition with Straws


Addition is one of the four mathematical operations. It helps the kids to build the relationships between numbers and understand how quantities relate one another. To teach the addition of 4-digit numbers an activity was taken in class 3.The class was divided into pairs and each child was given different number of straws. The kids were then asked to count their straws ,add them with their partner’s straws and tell the total number of straws the pair had. Their mentors explained them the properties of addition and asked them the use of addition in their daily life. The kids were well engaged in the activity.

Class 4 – Guess Out – Onomatopoeic Words


Crash! Bang! Ring-a-ling. Onomatopoeia is not only fun for students to read and say, but it is also a form of figurative language that can help improve their reading comprehension and writing skills. A hands-on activity for the students was conducted to develop and extend their knowledge of onomatopoeia. The students imitated and showed actions and the class had to observe the action as well as the sound and come up with the specific word. The mentor also conducted a game where every group that found a suitable example within a designated amount of time got a point.