Primer II- Edu Sport-Balancing

Balance is one of the most important basic skills children can develop. Being on ” balance ” means having an even distribution of weight on each side of a vertical axis but for young children being on balance simply means not falling over! In this activity, we laid down some beams so that our children get the opportunity to practice balancing on the beam while holding their arms out to the side.  They really tried their level best to balance themselves and it turned out to be an amazing sensory outlet for all the kids.

Class 1 – Fun Time – How Many


Addition is the first and basic operation in Maths. If the concept of addition is not clear, children will face difficulty in solving sums related to other operations. Mentors of class I made addition easy using this activity. For this, articles from immediate surrounding like crayons, pencils, chalks, straws etc were kept in front of children & they were asked to count & add. Learners took pleasure & gained confidence while counting & thing correct answer in front of the class. Thus this activity strengthened the concept of addition.          

Class 2 – Role Play -Funny Monkey


Role play is an important part of child’s development as it builds confidence , creativity , communication skills ,physical development , problem solving and develops their imagination skills. A role play activity on “Funny Monkey” was taken. The students performed different roles. Through this activity, they developed the different skills and understood the chapter of their English book on which they performed their respective roles.

Class 3 – Idea Battle-Outdoor games V/S Indoor games


Playing any game always have a positive impact on the children. Overall it enhances child’s physical, social, cognitive and emotional well-being.  Children participate in sports for ample of reasons and even they have different choices of playing indoor or outdoor games. To know whether the kids like indoor or outdoor games, an idea battle was organised for the kids of class 3. The kids were divided into two teams and they discussed the advantages and disadvantages of indoor and outdoor games. It was a fun activity enjoyed by the kids.

Class 4 – Group Discussion- Spring Season-King of all Seasons


Spring Season, the long-wished-for and favorite season, the one when there appears buds on trees and grass starts to grow after winter sleep, and it is so green and bright. Spring is the time when everything awakes and develops. Nature becomes renovated and gets ready for productive and warm months. To revive with the deep impact of this season among students, a discussion was held amongst the children that why spring is honored as the king of all seasons. Students beautifully explained this in form of poems too. Some just said that they like this season because they feel like a kind of thrill. Some also added that they can enjoy the nature by singing, dancing and making merry. The mentor concluded the importance of spring season in the life of farmers.