Primer II-“AA” Matra Word Hopper

This is an amazing activity which can invoke vocabulary among students . Kids love physical activity like ” AA Matra word hopper” was full of hopping, counting, reading, art and giggles for all. We had turned our outdoor space into a colourful hopscotch board using simple chalk and rings. Children were asked to hop over it while reading all the words. They thoroughly enjoyed hopping like frog .while improving gross motor skills ,balance and self regulation behaviour and  learning elements of art and shapes.

Class 1 – Rhythmic Reading – The Sparrow


One more activity was added in the series, it was rhythmic reading of poem “The Sparrow”, where kids were taught the way of reciting rhymes with proper expression, intonation ,pronunciation and action. Kids used to do recitation previously too but now they have known about the proper way to be kept in mind while doing so.

Class 2 – Drawing Activity-Bee


Drawing is an especially important outlet for children who do not yet have the verbal skills to communicate their feelings.When a child draws something familiar to them , for example , a bee , they have the opportunity to think about what they know and how they feel towards this animal .They also used their memory to recall what they know about bees. They even used their creativity and drew beautiful drawings. 

Class 3 – Play way – Nouns in Surroundings


Noun refers to individuals, things,ideas and different items around us.They are the first and focal building squares of English language. To revise this most important part of English grammar, a play way activity was conducted in class 3.Mentors asked the children to tell anyone noun from their immediate surroundings. The over excited kids picked up the nearest thing they could pick like bottles, pencils, erasers etc and told to their mentors. Their mentors also explained them the categories to identify the nouns. This play-way activity was enjoyed by the kids.

Class 4 – Learning by Doing – Types of Adjectives


At Digamber School, parts of speech are never kept mystified to students. Amongst them one such activity was of adjectives. As adjectives add life to writing and children use them long before they can name them. Through this activity, the mentor helped the learners to know what adjectives are and how to use them effectively. The mentor conducted a one minute show by starting each team with a short, simple sentence that does not use many modifiers. Then each team took a minute to expand the sentence by adding details, while still remaining grammatically correct. The team whose sentence contains the most adjectives used incorrect ways won the round. In this way , the class was bound up and could learn many adjectives, their degrees and types of adjectives.