Primer II- Play- Pattern Hopscotch

Run , hop, crawl ,jump, wiggle your way through a variety of fun obstacles was the activity which we had planned for our kids ” Play Pattern Hopscotch ” kept our class active and moving . We had designed a maze with different patterns, children were asked to sprint through the hurdles while hopping like a rabbit. They sprinted through the hurdles making it an easy affair. When running is combined with jumping, it is more exciting and thrilling but the major objective of playing games and participating in activities is to learn problem solving strategies, trust ,risk taking and ultimately winning not in game, but in life!

Class 1 – Drawing Activity – Trace Me


There is nothing so delightful than drawing and when it comes to kids they forget everything else as they see colours. Same thing happened with the little learners of class 1.Mentors conducted a drawing activity where they had to trace Indian flag and then draw it. Children made flags beautifully and coloured them. The activity made colours of flag clear in their minds and they enjoyed it.

Class 2 – Creative Writing – National Bird


Studies show that children who practice creative writing more often are generally better in all subjects. Challenging themselves to come up with creative thoughts and problem solve, builds the confidence and discipline students need to succeed in all areas of life. Through writing, children have a safe place to explore , and this can be a highly beneficial tool for expressing their feelings . For this purpose an activity was taken in Class -2 “Creative Writing” and the topic was National Bird. The students participated in the activity and wrote on national bird i.e. Peacock. They also made drawing on peacock.

Class 3 – Fun activity- Organising a Birthday Party


A birthday signifies  your beginning and the joy of life. A birthday is an important and momentous.Birthday parties are a great boost to any child’s self-esteem. Making them feel like kings or queens for the day is one of the best and most lasting  gifts you can give them. To teach the children how to organize a birthday party,an activity was taken in class 3 in which the kids celebrated the birthday of their classmates,sang birthday song,gave gifts ,played games and danced.It was a fun-filled activity which taught the kids how to organise small functions at their home.

Class 4 – Practical Implementation-Multiplication through Straws


Multiplication being one of the most important elements of mathematics helps to improve the basic mathematical skill of our child. This activity was based on multiplication which was done by straws. The mentor explained the concept of multiplication through number grid. Now the students had to perform this activity by forming it using straws undergoing the process of multiplication. The students quickly could guess out the product as it became an easy and fun manner to multiply using straws.