Primer II- Toss and Blend
Have anyone ever played the carnival game where we try to toss chips into a cup to win a fabulous prizes? Beneath the carnival atmosphere we came up with an exciting activity ” Toss and blend” that helps to reinforce beginning sound letter combination. We had prepared some beautiful turkeys with the help of paper cups with different blends written on it.It was the time to toss ! Children were tossing the sticks into the cup of their choice. When sticks landed in a cup they came up with a word that starts with a word that starts with its beginning blend . It turned out awesome kids thoroughly enjoyed it in turn building their vocabulary.

Class 1 – Creative Writing – Mera Priya Phal


“An apple a day –keeps the doctor away. This means that eating an apple each day can help to keep you healthy. The mentors initiated the activity with this quote which provided a learning experience for our newbie. A writing activity was held in the class in which student wrote about their favorite fruit and shared the benefits of eating fruits. The mentors then formed pairs of friends and asked them to write importance of fruits & told them to eat fruits every day.
Class 2 – Fun Way – One Many


Students learn best by taking an active role in their learning . For their active participation we have organised a classroom activity for them. It was a fun based activity . The students were divided into two groups . One group picked up the flash cards of singular words and second group picked up the flash cards of plural words .The words which they picked they performed the actions of that words and found their partners who were performing the same action . They enjoyed the activity and learnt easily plurals of the singular words.  
Class 3 – Place Me – Punctuation Marks


Marks of punctuation play very important role in giving intended meaning to the language. Wrong placing of punctuation mark can even change the meaning of the sentence.To teach the correct placing of these marks,an activity was conducted in class 3.The kids were given flash cards with different sentences on that and they were told to punctuate the sentence with correct punctuation marks.After puctuating they read their sentences with proper expression and pause.Their mentors corrected them wherever they were wrong and also explained them the uses of different puctuation marks.Through this play way method kids learnt the use of these marks in english language.
Class 4 – Smart Class – Food We Eat


Visual aid enhances the observation and imaginative skills of children. Keeping this in mind, we always present this activity of learning in smart class which helps children to visualize and observe things in an audio-visual manner. This makes the concept easy and memorable for them. Learning the chapter ‘Food We Eat’ in smart class helped them to tabulate nutrients in a better way. They understood about healthy food habits and also learned about balanced diet. After learning through this activity, they could now easily respond in the class quickly.