Primer II- Pictionary-Body Parts and Families

Pictionary is a great game that is perfect for adapting into a classroom English activity. This educational game allows students to convey the meaning of a term or concept through pictures. The students were provided with different picture books and a list of vocabulary terms and concepts were prepared by the teacher on the topic “Myself ” as teacher called out the words they were searching for the pictures of it . They really enjoyed this activity .Incorporating such fun classroom games offers simple way to motivate students and encourage them to draw on their creativity and imagination. 

Class 1 – Learning by doing – My Handwriting


It is said that handwriting is the reflection of one’s personality so one must have beautiful and attractive handwriting. With this thought, teachers of class-1 arranged for a handwriting activity where kids were introduced to the various criteria that should be followed for making good handwriting. After this activity, children felt more confident.

Class 2 – Problem Solving – Fun on Abacus


There are many ways to teach numbers and math to kids .Some can be fun and exciting and some can be just plain boring .The abacus happens to be a great tool to teach numbers and arithmetic to kids .It has colorful beads to make learning exciting and fun while reinforcing concepts through the child’s sense of touch .An activity was taken in Class -2 in which the teacher taught the students how to solve the problems of addition on the abacus. So to teach simple addition problems , like – “4+3=?” , they would move four beads over to the left . Then , place a finger after those four beads and add three more. This way the teacher taught them more problems on abacus .The students learnt addition and enjoyed the activity . 

Class 3-Demonstration – Collective Noun


Collective nouns, such as family, team, audience,  are used to refer  a group of people or things considered as a whole, that is, collectively. The mentors of class 3 gave a demonstration on Collective Nouns. The kids were then asked to search collective nouns in their class. They picked up bunch of keys etc to show these nouns. Later their mentors gave them different nouns to add collective nouns to them. It was an exciting and fun-filled activity in which the kids learnt the concept easily and quickly.

Class 4- Group Presentation – Water and Food Safety


To live a healthy and happy life, this activity was conducted in which each child presented their food item and explained to the class how to keep it safe. Our smart learners also mentioned to check the expiration date of each preserved item so as to ensure food safety. The group presenting water safety presented ways how to keep water clean by various methods. The mentor concluded this activity by discussing about various communicable diseases and their prevention.