Primer II- Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes

Head , shoulders ,knees and toes always put a smile on child’s face . This interactive nursery rhyme is great for learning from vocabulary to indicate body parts. This song can be used as a fun , energy burner at any time. We gave our  learners quick instructions such as ” Doing the gestures with this song was a must!” Steps were very simple and kids had to simply touch the parts of their body with both hands in time with the song . The song started off slowly with each verse getting progressively faster making gestures more frantic and therefore more fun. Thus they enjoyed thoroughly and learnt about body parts, rhythm, synchronization and concentration.

Class 1 – Problem Solving – Small and Big


Explanation of pre number concept became easy through live examples in the activity “Big- Small”. Kids understood comparing two objects and became aware of the terms used for them like big-small, tall-short, fat-thin and so on. It was a refreshing activity for kids too. They could now use these words in their general vocabulary also.

Class 2 – Role Play – Khel- Khel me


Keeping in view the importance of Role play an activity was taken in Class – 2. It was a role play in which children performed the role allotted to them . The topic was given to them from their Hindi book Lesson -2 “Khel -Khel me” , it was a story in which a mother teaches her daughter all five sense organs through a game . The students participated and performed their roles very nicely and other students also enjoyed the activity.

Class 3 – Let’s Skip – Skip Counting


Skip counting is important in the development of fluency in calculation, number sense and as the basis of mathematical operations. To improve the fluency in counting, a number game was taken in class 3. The mentors wrote different numbers on the floor and asked the kids to skip count by 5’s and 10’s.The kids jumped on the numbers and learnt forward and backward skip counting. Their mentors also explained them the use of skip counting in addition and subtraction. The little learners grasped the concept in a fun manner.

Class 4 – Play Way-Arrange the Body Parts


This simple activity was a great one for reinforcing knowledge of basic body parts. Children were given different puzzles and they had to arrange the body parts and place it at the right position. This helped them in forming a clear picture into their minds. The mentor further explained how to take care of these body parts. This activity helped students to organize the information into meaningful context in their minds in a joyful and play-way method.