Primer II-Smart Class-Universe

Solar system activities are fun and engaging activities that teach children about the solar system through an interactive, hands-on approach. We had tried some of Jump Start’s solar system activities in your own classroom. Solar system games and activities are a terrific way to learn about something as fun and exciting as the solar system. The sheer size and novelty of the solar system may make it difficult for students to comprehend. Therefore, solar system  smart classroom activities was  very important in teaching students about the sun and the planets that orbit it. Through interactive solar system activities, students were also  able to better understand related topics like night and day and the changing of the seasons on earth.
Class 1 – Smart Class-Traffic Lights


Road Safety is the utmost important thing when we step out and the little learners should be aware of the do’s and don’ts of the road safety.With this thought a smart class activity was conducted for the kids of class 1to explain them about the ways they can remain safe on road.Kids learnt what does each colour of traffic lights say and by following it how can we remain safe on road
Class 2 – Smart Class-My Country


Motherland has a great importance in everyone’s life since childhood. To make the children aware about the uniqueness of our country – India ,mentors of class 2 showed them all the  national symbols of the  country explaining the motto and teachings they give to everyone. They were also shown and explained the wide range of the clothing, food habits, culture , religions of different states of India. Mentors told them that the variety of all these things which can be seen generally in different countries of the world is seen in our country.  It makes our country stand indifferently in the world. In this way children learnt that  India has unity in diversity. 
Class 3 – Paragraph Writing-Favourite Cartoon Character


Good writers are good readers. Writing gives voice to our inner thoughts and allows us to share them. As a form of communication, writing can transcend time and is a way to pass stories from generation to generation. To inculcate the habit of writing in our young learners,an activity was organised in class 3. The kids were given the topic “Favourite Cartoon Character” to write on.The learners wrote about the features,physical appearance and why they like this character in their paragraphs. They enjoyed writing as this was their favourite topic. This activity improved their writing skills as well as their vocabulary also.
Class 4 –Know Me More-Reptiles


To know more about creatures and the animal world around us, this activity was conducted where children chose a reptile and gathered information about them. They also presented amazing facts about these reptiles in the class. This activity helped them to know about living beings, their habitats and their characteristics in nature.