Primer II-Sand Pit

Sandpit play is the perfect opportunity for our kids to have some fun in the company of others their age. This particular activity offers kids to have  the chance to experience different textures while developing their fine and gross motor skills.As a sensory activity we had arranged  a sand play in sandpit and to  encourage them to wriggle their toes in the sand. Talking to our kids  about how the sand feels on their toes. Usuage of  words such as “heavy” or “ticklish”.Teaching kids   the difference between dry and wet sand. While doing this, talking to them using words such as “wet” and “dry”, “cool” or “warm”.Playing with kids in the sandpit helps them understand their environment and assists in language development and also develops their fine and gross motor skills.

Class 1 – Problem Solving-Addition


Addition is the first and basic operation in maths. If the concept of addition is not clear, children will face difficulty in solving sums related to other operations mentors of class I made the addition easy using this activity. For this articles from immediate surroundings like crayons,  pencil etc. were kept in front of children and they were asked to count and tell the sum of given objects.         
Class 2 – Match Me-Samaan Lay wale Shabd

A fun way learning activity was taken in Class – 2 in which students were given flash cards . They had to match the same rhyming words in Hindi which are also known as samaan lay wale shabd. The students enjoyed playing the game and learnt the rhyming words in Hindi easily. 
Class 3 – Join Me-Conjunctions


In english grammar, the use of proper conjunction is of high importance. A conjunction is a part of the speech which connects two words, sentences or phrases with each other in a professional way. The importance of conjunctions lies in the fact that they make any sentence sensible and comprehensible. To tell the importance of conjunctions in english language, an activity was conducted in class 3. The kids were given different set of sentences and they were asked to join them with correct joining word.They joined the sentences and then one by one announced the new sentence made by them. It was an interesting activity.
Class 4 –Problem Solving-Patterns


Problem solving in Mathematics is the basic aspect of learning it. This main theory is explained at Digamber through various activities. 
One such activity was to solve the number puzzles by observing the patterns. The students, with great excitement, solved these puzzles quickly. They easily grasped the rules hidden behind these patterns.  The mentor then used many fun and engaging hands-on activities to help students to fully understand about this concept. Now the students could easily make out the rule of patterns in an effortless manner.