Primer II-“O” Matra Word Hopper
When we were kids, we could hula hoop for hours. Kids love hula hoop and do all the creative and competitive fun one could have with it.Kiddos of primer 2 enjoyed the hula hoop activity.Started with the old standby, Spinning the hoop around their waist for as long as they can. Once mastered, getting multiple hoops going at once than other body parts like spinning the hoop around their neck, arm, or leg.Hence the skills developed were coordination, mobility and balancing.

Class 1 – Craft Activity-Kite Making


A bundle of hidden creatively was discovered when a craft activity making colorful kite was organized in class I. Children were asked to use different colorful papers to beautiful kites of different shapes. Some children made different patterns and designed on their beautiful handmade kites. Mentor of class I explained that when you must keep this in your mind that when the wind is against you like a kite, have your chord of faith rooted and you would fly highest ever.

Class 2 – Fun Way-Data Handling


Math is a subject that helps you to solve problems of your daily life with ease and perfection. To keep records of big data in our life one of the easiest method of to represent things is through pictographs and bar graphs. Children of class 2 were  explained with the method of how to read and represent data in pictorial or real forms. To increase the fun in their learning  their mentors kept real things like stationery material and other things around them. They were asked to read and show the data given  to them in the form of questions. They  displayed the data and also replied to the questions asked. This way the target of learning with fun was achieved.

Class 3 – Play way-Spot the Errors


The ability to correct the themselves when they make a mistake is an important one for students to develop. To develop this ability,an spot the errors activity was arranged for the learners of class 3. The kids were given various words  and they were asked to spot the errors in them.The kids worked in pairs and tried to figure out the spelling mistakes in the words.The kids enthusiastically participated in the activity and learnt how to find their own mistakes.

Class 4 – Observation-Shapes Around Us


The learners of Digamber School are always amiable at learning useful skills which develop their mental ability. Visualizing solid shapes is one such useful skill. The kids understood how to create a 3-d shape. The mentors, for an example, cut a cuboid with a square face been cut vertically, the students spontaneously observed each face to be a square. The students then formed various solid shapes including pyramids, cones, cylinders and spheres. This became a very terrific method to make them understand how these solid shapes are constructed. Finally, the mentors explained about the applications of each solid shape in our daily life and the students discussed it, thereby improving their mental flexibility and skill development.