Primer II-Red Light and Green Light

Traffic lights are lights used to control the movement of traffic. They are placed on roads at intersections and crossing. Mentors had explained children about traffic light through smart board activity .When the signal light turns red, cars stop. If the light is red in your direction, you should not walk across the street. The WALK signal is found at busy intersections. It means that it is okay for you to cross the road. Teaching our tiny tots about road safety is a very crucial part of raising the young ones as it directly concerns their physical safety and well-being as they grow and become independent. Rather than isolated lectures and demonstrations, road safety is something that needs to be done continuously and even subtly at times.

Class 1 – Problem Solving- Subtraction


Problems are a part of life so it is important to teach children how to solve and cope up with them. Children have to learn how to take decision independently. In order to produce self confidence and built self esteem problem slowing activity was conducted in the class. Students were taught word problems of subtraction. Through this activity they have learnt to solve the sums of subtraction.

Class 2 – Edu Sports-Good Manners


It’s rightly said that children are the future of a nation. Hence society and parents must inculcate all the morals and principles of humanity in their kids. Digamber School is being renowned for its special lessons of values and virtues since it’s very beginning. To carry on with this culture mentors of class 2 took a test of their kids by asking them to differentiate between good manners and the ones from which we stay away. Children were at their best moods as this activity was taken by mixing with edu -sports tools. They had to target on the good manners kept in a circuit. Kids showed their judgmental power, physical strength and perfection in focusing on their targets. Everyone enjoyed playing this game and ended promising to follow these habits forever in their lives.

Class 3 – Art Work- Peacock with Fingerprints


Finger painting is important for every child’s development. It helps the body and brain integrate information as well as being relaxing creative way to express feelings. To improve the fine motor development and strengthen the hand muscles, a finger printing activity was taken in class 3. In this activity, the kids were told to print a peacock using their fingerprints. The kids dipped their fingers in various colours and printed beautiful peacocks. It was an interesting activity which also improved the skills of kids.

Class 4 – Craft Activity-My Herbarium File


Our little science kiddies are always keen to learn environmental science through a practical manner. So by studying about the life of plants, the children created their own herbarium files beautifully in creative manner. They pasted various types of leaves in it describing each leaf. Many children used their creative ideas to decorate it in an innovative manner. This activity was useful as it helped them to learn about plant life. The mentor also explained plant life through smart class.