Primer II-Number Bingo

This game strikes the perfect balance between fun and learning as number recognition go hand in hand. It’s a great way to provide extra repetition for children in a large group setting. Mentors had redesigned  ” Number Bingo ” in different way instead of giving cards , big size card was designed on the floor they were asked to jump over the numbers just adding more fun they had to  put fruits on the numbers called ,the one who finished first calls out ” BINGO”. Along the process of learning the children were able to enjoy more while playing BINGO which does not essentially makes their learning tasking but fun instead.

Class 1 – Demonstration- National Symbols


A demonstration method is a teaching method used to communicate an idea with the aid of visual such as charts, posters, power point presentation etc. Through this method the kids of Class 1 were given the knowledge regarding National Symbols of India. Through this children know about the importance of national pride and introduced the concept of symbolism. This activity broaden kids horizon and increase cultural literacy. The kids are introduced to National flag and other national symbols of our country and hence they begin to understand the significant role these symbol play for us.

Class 2 – Smart Class-Air Around Us


Air is all around us and it is one of the most important thing to survive . We cannot exist without it. We cannot see air but it is everywhere.To enhance the knowledge of the students about air and its importance , a smart class activity was taken in Class -2 .The teacher explained the students about air ,its characteristics and importance .The students have learnt about air and its importance and also understood that we should keep air around us pollution free for healthy living. 

Class 3 – Idea Battle-Healthy V/S Junk food


Junk food and healthy food are antagonistic and keep clashing with each other over nutrients and calories. Though the kids know healthy food is good for our body but then too they  choose junk food over healthy food. To teach them the importance of healthy food , an idea battle was conducted in class 3. The kids were divided into 2 groups one supporting junk food and the other one supporting healthy food. Both the groups presented their views and told the advantages of eating their kind of food. The other kids witnessed the battle and voted healthy food to be the winner of the battle. Their mentors also explained them the diseases and ill effects caused by eating junk food regularly. At last the kids pledged to avoid eating junk food and consuming more and  more of healthy food.

Class 4 – Seasonal Act- Clothes Worn in Rainy Season


As the climate changes, our body requirements for food and appropriate clothing accordingly changes. To protect ourselves from the rain we use umbrellas, raincoats, gumboots, etc. So a demonstration activity was conducted where children demonstrated various clothing which has to be worn properly in rainy season. The mentor also suggested that what kind of coat, shoes should be worn as special care should be taken in this season because micro-organisms remain active throughout the season due to high humidity. Exploring science and nature proved out to be so much fun for our tiny tots.