Primer II-Ramp Walk-Helpers
Smashing smiles, vibrant attires and stellar performances enthralled the audience of Digamber School. In a kids’ fashion show, the young rookie ‘models’ hit a high note of fashion showcasing a range of helpers. The ensemble they showcased was different helpers such as Doctor, Cook , Teacher, Model , Farmer and so on. All pairs of eyes were glued to the bunch of ‘child’ models that mesmerized viewers with their remarkable performance. The kids strutted across the ramp. Students were able to identify different types of helpers that are in the community. The gala event witnessed children walking the ramp exhibiting confidence and style.

Class 1 – Group Discussion – Uses of Water


Water is necessary for all the living things. It should not be excessively and wasted. We should think of how to save it before using it because without water life is not possible. Today GD activity was taken in the class.GD is one of the way to express our thoughts and ideas Through this activity the learners learnt about the importance of water. They also discussed the ways to save it. They also discussed the water pollution. They have learnt that without water there will be no life on Earth and so it is necessary to save it.

Class 2 – Guess Me-Famous Cricketers


India emerged as a major cricket playing nation in 1983. In fact, Indian players have not only ruled the world, but have rewritten the record books time and again. Indian cricketers have helped India win many matches with their brilliant performances on the field. To give students knowledge about Indian cricket players an activity was taken in Class -2 in which students guessed the names of Indian Cricket Players. The activity was fun based. All the students participated with enthusiasm and most of them gave the right answers.

Class 3 – Demonstration-Our Helpers


A community needs many people to help it to function well and make the world a better place to live. Educating students about the community helpers and the kind of roles they play in our daily lives, is highly important. To teach the importance of helpers, an activity was conducted in class 3. The kids were given different roles of helpers to enact and also to speak how they help us in our daily life. The kids enacted the roles of various helpers. While some were performing others were cheering them up. It was indeed a very exciting experience.

Class 4 – Debate- Indoor games V/s Outdoor Games


Games are a crucial part of one’s lifestyle. Everyone should be involved in games to enjoy the vigor of life. They help in maintaining a healthy body, mind and soul. To put up effective communication skills in each child, a debate was conducted where the class was divided into two teams representing indoor and outdoor games. It was very interesting to see the various parameters that students had put up in this debate. As a conclusion, all of them understood that for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, games should be played, whether indoor or outdoor as both games help in developing different skills to make into a well shaped personality.