Primer II-Hide and Seek

Hide and seek is a children’s game that has been around a long time and it makes counting fun . One can play it indoors or outdoors but should follow few rules to keep it safe . The rules were that one  person ( the seeker ) closes his eyes and  counts while all the others hide.  When the counting is finished ,the seeker tries to find whoever is hiding . They were mesmerized as they love to play hide and seek from their earliest days . There are some cognitive benefits of playing hide and seek . It teaches them the  concept of object permanence. Searching for people encourages children to use their imagination and helps them to develop problem solving skills as well as it improves their balance , agility and coordination

Class 1 – Rhythmic Reading-I Love Colours


Kids today need to focus more on having fun with rhyming to improve their reading and learning. Rhyming leads itself to better phonic awareness, the ability to break words into smaller parts. In order to know the importance of rhythmic reading, an activity arranged by mentors of class l “Rhythmic Reading-I love Colours” in which students recited  and the poem in a rhythmic manner.

Class 2 – Speaking Activity-My Daily Routine


Childhood is the best time for cultivating the habit of following a perfect routine. For this the mentors of class 2 guided the children for designing and following their routine keeping balance amongst all the activities of their life. Each child designed his routine as per his compatibilities and commitments of his personal life. After following this routine they all came ahead eagerly for sharing the same with their classmates. Each one of them told others about what was different and unique in their routine as compared to others .They heard anxiously to each other to know about their friend’s personal life. At the end , teacher showed  them that all  those who had  a well set routine  were getting proper success in their lives in all the fields due to proper division n usage of time. This way children learnt that  ‘Time and Tide wait for None’.

Class 3 – Group Discussion-Safety Rules


Children are our world’s most precious gift. But as children, they may lack skills to protect themselves.  It is even better to make the children aware of any situation that may be unsafe for them so that they can tackle such people or circumstances as soon as they encounter them. To teach the kids safety rules to be followed at different places, a group discussion was conducted in class 3. Children discussed about various safety rules to be followed in the school, at road, at their homes and in the playground. Their mentors also told them the importance of following safety rules at different places. This was a great activity to find out that how much the kids know about the safety rules and measures.

Class 4 – Play Way-Rhyme along with me


Rhythm is the heartbeat of a poem and serves as the backdrop from which the ideas and imagery can flow. Rhyming words are very important if you want to come up with a poem. To inculcate phonemic awareness skills in children, the mentor initiated this activity by bringing various objects like pen,bag,toy etc and the children made a poem out of it by choosing their set of rhyming words along with the group. Each group was given an entity and each child had its own rhyming word describing that entity. They created beautiful poems with it. This activity was an accomplishment to increase their vocabulary and make English, a fun language to learn.