Primer II-Touch a Mystery Food

Food and fun go together especially when food games are the source of the fun and learning. The more often children are exposed to food, the more inclined they are to like it. Students got the opportunity to explore food and identify its sensory properties through a classic engaging activity “Mystery Food”. A mystery box was placed, players were taking turns while wearing a blindfold, they were identifying the food in  the mystery box by touching it , smelling it, guessing its size , shape, texture . It turned out great and resulted in inculcating different attributes such as firsthand experience with food, sensory qualities of food and willingness to consume new food.

Class 1 – Demonstration- Way To Walk


It is the time when little ones are learning many new things and so to add more to their growing personality, mentors of class 1 took an activity ‘Way to Walk’, where kids were taught about correct body postures and were told how to walk in a correct and balanced way. It was a lovely activity which helped learners to add confidence to their walking style.

Class 2 – Guess Me-Prepositions


While Prepositions are limited in number, they are important because they act as vital markers to the structure of a sentence , they mark special relationships between persons ,objects and locations .For this reason , we should think carefully about how we incorporate the teaching and learning of prepositions into our classes. For this purpose an activity was taken in Class -2 “Guess Me – Prepositions.” The students played a game in which they have to guess the correct prepositions for the sentences .The students played with enthusiasm and learnt prepositions.

Class 3 – Demonstration- First Aid Kit


Introducing first aid training for students provides them with invaluable life skills. Training also helps to build their communication skills, self-confidence, and the ability to work well with others. First aid requires leadership, the patience to listen to those around you, and encourages teamwork. Training helps build these skills, which are incredibly versatile and will continue to assist students long into their lives. To inculcate these skills, a demonstration of first aid kit was given by the nurse of our school. The mentors demonstrated the items kept in the first aid kit and asked the kids about the uses of those items. The kids also learnt how to prepare their own first aid kit and where to use it. Through this activity the kids came to know about different remedies of basic health problems.

Class 4 –Edu Sports-Dog and the Bone


An exciting strategy game “Dog and the Bone” was lined up for class 4th students which helped our enthusiasts to sharpen memory and make them think wisely. It also helped building aptitude and social skills. Children enjoyed it to the fullest as we put out equal emphasis on extracurricular activities as well. It also improved co-ordination and increased concentration of our sportive players.