Primer II-Play Way-Punctuations

Students might wonder why it’s important to learn punctuation rules. In our selection of skills-based punctuation games, they came to know, how essential punctuation is for communicating and understanding how punctuation works is key to good writing and even sophisticated reading. Work on naming “.” and “?” and deciding which is the appropriate way to end a sentence was the activity which our students played they were just imitating the action of punctuation marks which was correct according to the sentence. Students were able to determine whether the sentence is a telling statement or an asking question. Finishing off the sentence with the correct punctuation mark makes it “pretty.”

Class 1 – Smart Class- Neighbourhood Services


Neighbourhood Services provides a professional integrated service that brings together a wide range of services. They include management and maintenance of housing and the environment, waste management, supporting people to develop their communities and keeping people safe and healthy. Today smart class on “Neighbourhood Services” was taken in the class. The students learnt about communities, their neighborhood becomes a broader picture for them as they are a member and can make a difference. They have also learnt that the community is diverse is important the lesson will introduce some community helpers in whom the learners can put their trust.

Class 2 – Picture Quiz-Festivals


India being the land of festivals has a great variety  of festivals to celebrate. Children from their tender age are well aware of the festivals that are celebrated in their family. To make them aware of all the festivals celebrated by people belonging to various communities, mentors of class 2 made them aware of the names of all the festivals and the way they are celebrated along with the things associated with them. They enjoyed knowing about these facts. Then to test their learning the mentors organised a picture based quiz to match the names of festivals with the things associated with them. Each child picked a picture or a name kept mixed in a basket. Then they searched the perfect combination for their picture. At last they paired themselves with their counterpart and proved that their learning is perfect. They also proved that festivals bring us close to each other to bring joy and happiness in our lives by all the ways.

Class 3 – Speaking Activity-Life of Early Man


Speaking is the process of building and sharing meaning through the use of verbal and non-verbal symbols, in a variety of contexts.  Speaking is a crucial part of second language learning and teaching. To improve the speaking skills of the kids, a speaking activity on the topic “Life of Early Man” was conducted in class 3. The kids came forward and spoke about how early man spent his life with many difficulties and then how he discovered fire, wood and other things. The kids had different views and opinions on the topic and they tried their best to convey their thoughts through this activity. It was an amazing activity enjoyed by the kids.

Class 4 –Creative Writing-My Ideal Teacher


When we talk about “Teachers”, we get to think about various qualities for their descriptions. Even Indian history is filled with great teachers who have left an infinite impression on the history of India. An ideal teacher should be a true friend to them, a guide and a role model. An ideal teacher should be able to deal with a wrong doer in the right way. He or she should be able to instill his students with virtues. These were the thoughts penned down by children to explain ideal teacher. This activity helped the children to write creatively and improve their skills.