Primer II-Simon Says

Simon Says is a classic outdoor game that young children love. But in the traditional game, the children who need the most practice with either listening skills or identifying body parts often are the first to be eliminated! Simon Says commands, but does a whole lot more to promote  child’s development and the teacher  called out directions, but one should not follow that direction unless she says Simon says play air guitar”, players must pretend to play a guitar. Then if Simon says “kiss your tummy”, without first saying “Simon says,” players must not kiss. The one who follows the command that doesn’t have Simon says is out of the game. The game turned out to be fun as they enjoyed and they learned about the importance of listening skills.

Class 1 – Creativity- Magic Triangle


Creative classrooms give an opportunity for students to learn with fun. These types of teaching activities help them to learn without the pressure of learning. Students are always fun loving and including creative activities along with curriculum gains their interest for learning. Mentor of class 1 conducted an activity -Magic Triangle to encourage this quality in students from the lower classes itself and inspire them to believe in one’s own creativity. Through this activity, little champs learned about the addition.

Class 2 – Unscramble Me-Jumble Words


An activity was taken in Class -2 “Unscramble Me – Jumble Words.” The activity was taken with a purpose to grow their spelling and vocabulary knowledge. It will benefit them in all aspects of their learning, as well as in their everyday life. Learners who feel confident with letters and word patterns are able to read and comprehend more complex texts .In the activity, the students were given jumbled letters. They arranged the letters and made spellings. The students enjoyed the activity and the teacher also checked their knowledge of spellings. 

Class 3 – Pair Discussion- Pollution


Pair discussion gives the kids an opportunity to feel more comfortable sharing their thoughts. In addition to fostering social skills, this strategy also improves students’ speaking and listening skills. Whenthey brainstorm together, each student learns from their partner. To develop these skills, a pair discussion was organised for the learners of class 3. The class was divided into pairs and the kids discussed about “Pollution”. There were different opinions shared by the kids and they also suggested ways to control pollution. This activity created social awareness among the kids.

Class 4 – Idea Battle-Smart Class Vs. Classrooms


It is a thing of the past when teaching and learning were restricted to classroom sessions prominent with white chalk, dusters and blackboards. Now is the era of smart classrooms which makes learning fun. A healthy debate was held in the class where children expressed their views in teams and discussed about the benefits of smart classes and classes. Some children believe that the physical presence of a teacher keeps them stimulated through the interactive and interesting activities while some believe that smart classrooms provide enhanced and easy learning. This activity provided an aid to improve their communication skills.