Primer II-Card Making-New Year
On New Year’s Eve, it is not necessary to send digital wishes every time. You can apply a little creativity to your New Year greeting  for a bit of innovation. You don’t have to send wishes through messages continually. Instead, you can incorporate more creativity by applying your New Year greeting card making ideas. So we decided to greet the new year to our lovely parents by sending a greeting Card made by their own kiddos .It turned out great as they had  made thier own beautiful greeting cards. Family is the most significant and valuable blessing that God has given us. In this way they  remembered to send their wishes.
Class 1 – Smart Class-Magic of Patterns

Smart class is an effective medium to explain mathematical concepts. With this thought kids were taken to the smart class where they were explained about various types of patterns.Through the activity learners came to know that pattern is a way of arranging things in a particular way.It can be created using alphabets,numbers,shapes,colours or objects.Activity also helped them to identify patterns in things around them.
Class 2 – Art Activity-Patterns


In day today life children come across many designs and patterns but they do not notice the depth of it. To teach them how to observe the patterns to know the rule followed in making it the mentors of class 2 designed an arty crafty activity where they kept many patterns in front of groups of  children. They were asked to find out the rule followed in them and continue making the same patterns ahead by themselves using the things provided.  Children enjoyed doing this . They could complete the  given patterns successfully. In this way the practical  experience of observing and dealing with patterns was given to them in an enjoyable  manner.
Class 3 – Role Play-The Clever Mouse-Deer


Activities that develop and build on children’s self-esteem are important in helping children learn who they are. Role plays  give children the skills to handle problematic social interactions which may happen as they progress through life.To inculcate these skills, a roleplay of the lesson”The Clever Mouse-deer”was taken in class 3. The kids enacted the roles of different animals from the play.While some were performing the others were boosting them up.It was a fun activity that taught the children how cleverness can bring you out from any situation.

Class 4 –Story Narration-My Adventure trip


An interesting activity of story making was conducted by the mentors of class IV as it helped the students to improve their linguistic and thinking skills. To explain how adventure is important in one’s life, the mentors gave them a platform to discuss about their adventure trip and the students used up their linguistic skills and shared their experiences based on it. It was interesting to listen their stories. This made them realize that adventure is a very necessary part of life as it makes a person bold and courageous.